Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WVU Parkersburg Volleyball Defeats the "Net Ninjas"

The volleyball season is ending in “record” fashion. At the volleyball game on Oct. 11 against the club team, Net Ninjas, Senior Susie Gunnels broke Freshman Laura Bibbee’s record for the most consecutive serves while Bibbee setsthe record of 17 for the most scored points in a match.

The Net Ninjas won the first match with a score of 25-20 but the Riverhawks won the last three matches with the scores of 25-15, 25-16 and 25-18. “After the first game we played smooth,” said Coach Phil McClung.

During timeouts of the first game and sideline coaching, McClung told the girls that it was like they were not focusing. The players had a hard time receiving the ball from a serve. However, the second match turned out better for the girls because they were “playing pretty,” according to McClung. In the second match Sophomore Beth Maze felt sick and had to run to the restroom when the score was tied at 13-13. Ruby Treadway had to go in for Maze until she felt well enough to return towards the end of the match. “I thought we were sloppy at first, but then we brought it back to our normal level,” said Sophomore Kyla Collins, who is an outside hitter for the team.

In the third match, when the score was 15-5, coach McClung told the girls to “not let up.” Their goal was to hit into an empty space. They didn’t have to kill the ball, but just take it deep. The last match was won with the rush of trying to get Maze done before her evening college class started.

The Riverhawks next game is at West Liberty on Oct. 18th. If the team cannot get Ashland University to reschedule the game that was supposed to be played on Oct. 17th, than the West Liberty game will be the last game of the season.

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