Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Riverhawks Fall in Final Seconds

Even though the Marietta Pioneers JV team won the game against the Riverhawks on Jan. 10, the Riverhawks made the Pioneers play a more challenging game from their last match up. On Dec. 4, the Pioneers topped the Riverhawks beating them 105-65 in Marietta. However, at the Jan. 10 game the Riverhawks only lost the game by four points at a home gameplayed at Parkersburg High School. The final score was 78-74.

The Pioneers are now 14-1 (NCAA Division III) after their win against the Riverhawks (Club Sport Program). The Riverhawks are now 6-6. “It feels more like a victory than a loss because we worked together as a team and we made Marietta play harder this time,” #34 Mitchell Parsons said.

Due to injury, usual Riverhawk starter #45 Cameron Lancaster, was unable to tip off the ball. Number 23 Rodney Shawver had to take over the roll. Shawver lost the jump ball and Marietta scored the first two points of the game. But the Riverhawks didn’t let the Pioneers stay in the lead for long. Number 40 Alex Tracewell made a three pointer, making the Riverhawks take the lead.

The Riverhawks kept their lead, by as much as 9 points at the half, until right after Lancaster fouled out with the Riverhawks leading by two at the 5:26 mark in the second half. Number 32, Jason Humphrey, from Marietta tied the game 69-69. The Pioneers then took the lead 71-69 and called a timeout right after the leading scorer for Parkersburg #31 Keith Penn fouled out of the game with only 3:00 min. left. “I was upset, but it was a good call,” Penn said.

With only 33.3 seconds on the clock Shawver fouled Humphrey in hopes that he would miss his foul shots. But the Pioneer made both shots, creating a two possession lead.

The last shot made by the Riverhawks was #21 Anthony Caplinger’s 3-pointer with 23.8 seconds left. Caplinger’s shot made the Riverhawks only trail by three points but Humphrey made one more foul shot, sealing the final score at 78-74. “The team gave everything they had. It was just that a couple of breaks went the other way,” Assistant Coach Anthony Bentonte said.
The Riverhawk’s next game is against Hocking Technical College on Jan. 13 at the Elite Sports Center.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Riverhawks Trump Washington State

The Riverhawks defeated Washington State Community collage on Jan. 8th winning 120-47. “Tonight was our preparation for the Marietta (College) game,” Coach Louis Roy.

A play known as “fist” was used by the Riverhawks twice in a row. Number 21 Anthony Caplinger scored a three-pointer on both plays. By the end of the first half caplinger had four three-pointers and a total of 18 points followed by #23 Rodney Shawver with 16 points.

Shawver also had a big play for himself. He received a breakaway and then dunked the ball making the score 45-21 Riverhawks.

The Riverhawks reached the 100-point mark when #34 Mitchell Parsons made one of his foul shots.

While Parsons made his foul shot, #45 Cameron Lancaster actually air-balled one of his foul shots. Even though the Riverhawks had a strong lead, the look on Lancaster’s face made it obvious that he couldn’t believe he had air-balled a foul shot.

The next game will be against Marietta on Jan. 10th at Parkersburg High School against Marietta collage.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Home sweet Home.

After playing 8 of their first 9 games on the road this season, the Hawks are finally coming home for a series of games over the next few weeks. First up for the team is Eastern Gateway which is coming to town Saturday, Jan. 8 for a 1:00 pm tussle. Due to equipment failure this game will be played at Parkersburg South High School.
On Monday, Jan. 10, Marietta College pays a visit to Parkersburg for an 8:00 pm game which will be played at Parkersburg High School.
Hocking College is scheduled to visit next on Jan. 13th but this game may be moved due to the lack of a playing facility at this time - more details will follow.
Finally, don't forget the big Border Battles Tourney scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 22. Six teams from both WV and Ohio will face off in this first annual tourney. Teams from WV include; WVU Parkersburg, Ohio Valley University and WV Northern C.C., Teams from OH include; Washington State C.C., Hocking College and Ashland University.WVU vs. OVU tips off at 10:00 am as the highlight game.
All games will be played at Parkersburg High School.

Make your plans now to check out the Hawk. The team is really coming together and is playing great ball.