Thursday, October 28, 2010

WVU Parkersburg Riverhawks Defeat Washington State Convincingly, 100-73

First game of the season. The Riverhawks basketball team played a pre-season game on Oct. 25 at WVU Parkersburg against Washington State. A score of 100-73, led the Riverhawks to their first win this season. “We still have a lot to work on but we played a good game,” said Coach Louis Roy.

Almost every seat was full for the first game. “I can’t believe the turnout for just a practice game,” said official Tom Yencha.

While this is the Riverhawks second season, it is the first year for the Washington State players. They don’t even have a coach yet. So for coaching themselves, Yencha said that they played a very good game.

When the Riverhawks were winning 31 -13, Coach Roy put in a whole new set of players. After halftime Coach Roy again put in a whole new set of players. However, with 12 minutes left of the game, #25 Daniel Palmer received a foot injury and was replaced by starter and captain #23 Rodney Shaver. About two minutes later, Roy put all of his starters back in the game to conclude the win with the exception of #40 Alex Tracewell who played towards the end of the game. “We came prepared, played good defense, worked well together, and had good control,” said #21 Anthony Caplinger who is also a captain on the team.

Along with Palmer’s injury, #10 from Washington State said he was hit by a WVU Parkersburg player. He was then bleeding from the mouth and was taken out of the game. The game was stopped for a few seconds to see if #10 needed any help because he kept explaining to his players and the score keeper that he was bleeding. But, he went finally said it was no big deal and the game went on.

The next game is against Washington State again on Nov. 10 at 6 p.m. at WVU Parkersburg. Originally scheduled as a pre-season game, this is now a regular season game. The first away game is Nov. 14th against Rio Grande University in Rio Grande, OH.

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