Thursday, October 21, 2010

Volleyball On the Road at Wheeling Jesuit

Number 22 Emry Shears and #13 Susie Gunnels had spikes that were so powerful that the blocks by the Wheeling Jesuit players were not enough to keep the Riverhawks from scoring. “It always feels good to get to hit because I’m usually a setter on our team, so I was especially pumped that I killed it,” said Shears about the Oct. 18th volleyball game against Wheeling Jesuit.

All the girls agreed that their first match is normally their worst. However, this time the first match turned out to be their best even though Wheeling Jesuit won 25-16. Number 16, Laura Bibbie, had four consecutive serves while the last one hit the top of the net and fell over, something for which Wheeling Jesuit was not prepared.

During the second match the girls were “drifting off,” said coach Phil. Wheeling Jesuit’s first server scored the first point of the match without a Riverhawk player even touching the ball. Number four, Bethany Maze, received a straight shot to the throat, but continued to play in the match. The final score for the match was 25-5 Wheeling Jesuit.

The last match had the score of 25-14 Wheeling Jesuit. The players had an extra distraction for the first time during this match as the Wheeling Jesuit fans were chanting, trying to affect the Riverhawks.

At the end of this game Coach Phil McClung felt that that next year there should not be just one head coach, but just a total of five coaches overall. Coach McClug said that by having more coaches, it will be easier to deal with issues on the team then just having one coach be in charge of everything. The plan is for the coaches to take turns next season on taking the girls to away games to play the role of “head coach.”

The last game, a tri, for the Riverhawks will be played on Oct. 24th at WVU Parkersburg at 1:30 p.m. Two separate teams consisting of WVU Parkersburg players will be included in the Tri-game. The club team, Net Ninjas, will be the third team playing. This game will provide an opportunity for volleyball players who have not played much in the season this year.

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