Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Profile of WVU Parkersburg Volleyball Player Janet Lee

by Abbie Sweeney

Freshman Janet Lee felt like someone had died when she realized volleyball season was almost over. She originally started the season off to get exercise and have fun, but the season turned into something more serious than “just a club team”. “It wasn’t as big as what it is now,” said Janet.

Her life outside volleyball consists of being a LPN. She worked at Eagle Point until she decided in October 2009 that taking care of the kids, going to school and work was just too much at one time. “It’s challenging and fast pace,” said Janet. At the end of this semester she will have completed all of her pre-requisites including English 102 and Psychology 101. However, Janet can not apply for the RN program until next fall.

St. Mary’s High School is where Janet first realized she wanted to be in the medical field. Her first two years of playing volleyball on a team started there as well. She was a hitter there, just like she still is on the WVU Parkersburg team. Also, Janet's experience included cheerleading and playing the clarinet in the school band.

Education had to be put on hold, though, when Janet became pregnant with her first child, Niki Taylor.

Niki is now 13 years old, and Janet also has three other children: Matthew Tayler, Brianna Dennise and Morgan Lee. The family goes to home volleyball games to watch their mother play.

“The kids love that I play volleyball because they get to come to some of the practices and hit with us,” said Lee.

Janet's husband, John Lee, doesn’t mind that Janet is on the team. After all, he works long hours as a fireman for the city of Parkersburg.

Being part of the first WVU Parkersburg volleyball team means a lot to Janet. She was so proud that she posted it on her Facebook. “At my age you don’t really have opportunities like this,” said Janet. A $500 scholarship was awarded to Janet to play volleyball this season.

During the season her opportunity became enhanced as she became a captain on the team along with Susie Gunnels. Janet is also considered the vice president of the team due to the original club aspect of the team. As a captain she participates in the coin toss and helps with making decisions such as choosing uniforms.

Because of Janet's leadership action, she associates with all the girls very well. “We haven’t really had any major problems,” said Janet. She believes that conflict always emerges with a bunch of girls in one group, but notes the team has minimal. When conflict does arise, the girls work it out and move on quickly.

While the team had its own goal of having fun, Janet’s goal was to improve her passing. “I felt like I have reached my goal,” said Janet. She hopes to be able to set another goal next year on the team. “If Coach Phil will have me, I will play,” said Janet.

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