Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Riverhawks Split Basketball Double Header with West Virginia Wesleyan College

Maybe the Bobcats should have taken the time to come and play at WVU-Parkersburg. The Riverhawks played two games against the West Virginia Wesleyan College Bobcats back-to-back in Buckhannon, WV on December 5.

The Bobcats won the first game in overtime 114-108. The Riverhawks took home the second win with a score of 93-89.

Even though the Bobcats won the first game, the Riverhawks made the Bobcats fight for their win taking them into overtime. “We aren’t playing that great, but we are still in the game,” said #21 Anthony Caplinger. The Riverhawks had the lead 101-100 with 13 seconds left in the game and also had the ball. The game seemed to be over if the Riverhawks could have just kept the ball. Number 31 Keith Penn was called for double dribbling right after crossing half court, allowing the Bobcats to take the ball. Number 23 Rodney Shaver then fouled #12 from Wesleyan who received two foul shots but missed one making the game go into overtime. “We should have never went into overtime,” Coach Roy said.

Shaver, #45 Cameron Lancaster and #34 Mitchell Parsons, had all fouled out before overtime. Penn took the lead at the beginning of halftime, but the Riverhawks couldn’t maintain their lead. With 2:28 left in overtime, the Riverhawks called a timeout with the Bobcats leading 108-105, but continued to stay behind finishing with the Bobcats ahead.

Only having a 10-minute rest in between games, the Riverhawks avenged their loss in the second game. Shaver was the player who proceeded to make a shot that would tie up the game. When the score was 31-29, Shaver shot a 3-pointer to take the lead. In the last second of the first half when the score was 40- 37, Shaver shota two-pointer making the Riverhawks only down by one at the half. When the Riverhawks returned from halftime, Shaver scored again taking the lead 41-40.

Lancaster fouled out again during this game with 5:08 left. On his last foul that took him out of the game, Lancaster acquired a bloody mouth. Number 43 Chris Betler fouled out shortly after Lancaster.

With only 3.2 seconds left in the second game, Caplinger was fouled and made his two shots, bringing the score to 89-93. The Bobcats called a timeout with one second left hoping that they will be fouled and be able to tie up the game. However, the Riverhawks knew better and let the time run out to win the game.

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