Thursday, December 2, 2010

Riverhawks Handle Cardinals in Wheeling, 91-69

The Wheeling Jesuit Cardinals won the tip off against WVU-Parkersburg’s Riverhawks and took the ball down the court for two points. Number 45 Camaron Lancaster saved the ball from almost going out of bounds and then passed it to #40 Alex Tracewell who put the ball up for two points making the score 15-11 Cardinals.

However, the Cardinals didn’t stay in the lead for long. Tracewell passed to #21 Anthongy Caplinger who scored a three and then doubled right back with another three. The Riverhawks took control of the game with a score of 15-19, not letting the Cardinals take back the lead for the rest of the game.

The final score of the game was 69-91 Riverhawks. Scoring thirty of those points was #31 Keith Penn. Two of Penn’s points came from grabbing Tracewell’s rebound from a foul shot and putting it right back up into the net. Penn also stole the ball from the Cardinals #21 Andre Harris and took the ball down the court to score two points.

The next high scorer was Sean Michael with 20 points who in the first half stole the ball from the Cardinals #21. He didn’t have a chance to shoot because he was fouled but received two foul shots and made both.

Number 23 Rodney Shawver wasn’t quite on his game. He went up against his same number for the Cardinals #23 Recardo Gaddy almost the whole game. Shawver had some difficulties with Gaddy losing the ball and accidently passing the ball straight into the hands of Gaddy instead of another Riverhawks player.

The Riverhawks next game will be Dec. 4th against the Marietta Pioneers at Marietta at 12:30 p.m. The Pioneers killed the Cardinals 138-47, so the Riverhawks will need to step up their game. “We played better than the last game against Wheeling, but we still have the little things to work on before Saturday’s game,” Coach Roy said.

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