Monday, January 10, 2011

Riverhawks Trump Washington State

The Riverhawks defeated Washington State Community collage on Jan. 8th winning 120-47. “Tonight was our preparation for the Marietta (College) game,” Coach Louis Roy.

A play known as “fist” was used by the Riverhawks twice in a row. Number 21 Anthony Caplinger scored a three-pointer on both plays. By the end of the first half caplinger had four three-pointers and a total of 18 points followed by #23 Rodney Shawver with 16 points.

Shawver also had a big play for himself. He received a breakaway and then dunked the ball making the score 45-21 Riverhawks.

The Riverhawks reached the 100-point mark when #34 Mitchell Parsons made one of his foul shots.

While Parsons made his foul shot, #45 Cameron Lancaster actually air-balled one of his foul shots. Even though the Riverhawks had a strong lead, the look on Lancaster’s face made it obvious that he couldn’t believe he had air-balled a foul shot.

The next game will be against Marietta on Jan. 10th at Parkersburg High School against Marietta collage.

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