Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Profile of Sophomore Basketball Player Anthony Caplinger

by Abbie Sweeney

Sophomore Anthony Caplinger (jersey number 21) started his basketball career in fifth grade at Fairplains Elementary School. He then transferred his skills to Edison Junior High School. In his ninth grade year he decided to play for a recreational league at Jefferson Elementary School. When it was time to move on to high school, Caplinger attended Parkersburg South where he chose to play basketball all three years.

His senior year was the time when Caplinger’s skills seemed to be given the most credit. He was MVP at the Ground Hog Tournament, he was third team all state, he won athlete of the week, and he also won many player of the week awards.

Caplinger took a break from basketball his freshman year of college, but then decided to play for WVU Parkersburg this year. “I was already coming to this school and I love basketball so I decided to play because we have an awesome group of guys here and its actually pretty fun to play here,” Caplinger said.

The team consists of 14 traveling players and 22 overall players. “We have an excellent team this year” Coach Louis Roy said. According to Roy, the Riverhawks have a better schedule this year and had more practice time before their first game.

Even though this is Caplinger’s first year playing basketball for the Riverhawks, he has taken on the role of a captain along with his teammate Rodeny Shawver. “My role as captain is to just be the leader of my team and keep our attitudes right and keep the team focused,” Caplinger said.

Throughout his basketball profession, Caplinger’s family has tried to support his as much as possible. “They come to my games and help me raise money that I need to for certain things,” Caplinger said.

Next year he plans on playing for the Riverhawks. As for his educational pursuits, he might transfer in a couple years or he may graduate from WVU Parkersburg. He is unsure of his major right now, but plans on doing something with psychology.

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